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heey hi hello just fyi i accidentally deleted my acct (its a long story) but anyways i’m still going to have this blog but it won’t be active i’ll blog from galloufrey !!! (my old url) same things i posted here except they’ll be there (just bc it’s a main blog where this is a side blog and stuff yeah!!) so follow me there and i’ll follow back (i sort of need people to follow xoxo)


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Birmingham 22/03/13

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Little Mix for Japan’s TV Grove.



the fucking look on his face tho

He wants to shatter that little fucker’s dream as much as the rest of us.

when I was in fourth grade I told this girl I was light for my age and she called me a racist and I cried

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sometimes louis’ hair is so nice it makes me lorde out a lil bit


Brothers Grimm's Homeland, 2013 | Kilian Schönberger

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Standing Tall by Scott Sawyer